About us

International Paper Engineering Co. Ltd.


Our Mission is to become a leading engineering, maintenance and project management services company in a manner that is financially sound, environmentally sustainable and makes IP Engineering the preferred supplier of these services to our clients.

Essential to creating and maintaining our business, is our commitment to:

  • The safety, health and wellbeing of all people affected by our activities;
  • Continuous improvement in the quality of our operations;
  • Responsible environmental management;
  • Developing a reputation with our clients for excellence in the services provided.
  • Developing a reputation with our employees and sub contractors for being a preferred employer in our field of expertise;
  • Ensure that all operations are conducted in accordance with relevant regulatory and legislative requirements. 


IP Engineering is specializing in design, analysis, and optimization for paper industry. We have excellent support from developer of industry leading engineering software products which can add an extra level of expertise when it comes to fluid flow that other engineering firms cannot match. Our senior engineers have not only worked in the industry for over 10 years, but they are also the technical experts responsible for the development of engineering technology.

Systems including cooling water, steam, condensate, boiler feed water, process water, and compressed air systems are all potential candidates for the identification and utilization of potentially large energy savings. Many of these systems can also directly impact production in a positive or negative way at your plant. These facts indicate why every pipeline network at your facility plays a critical role in the operational success of your plant and deserves the same care and attention as your process systems because they are heavily dependent on the hydraulic performance of your pipeline networks.


IP Engineering also provides an array of other specialized services for paper mills including project start up, spare part supplies comparisons, licensing agreement for certification, upgrading machineries, implementing maintenance schedule, testing of equipment, and sourcing any materials for paper industries. Paper converters can rely on us in providing reliable machineries and troubleshooting. IP Engineering provides software, which has been rigorously tested and implemented by papercompaniesworldwides, we have the ability to perform projects for the analysis of production systems to maintain the new, optimized performance levels of your system. A one stop all engineering studies from strock preparation up to rewinding rolls, from your Steam System,Cooling Tower, Condensate ,Boiler Feed Water,Fuel Gas, Fire Water,Process Water,Compressed Air,Instrument Air,Process Safety Studies and many others.



Whether your project calls for an expansion and/or a completely new system, we are here for all of your pipeline network engineering design needs. We have optimized systems over the past ten years and through this experience we know how to design a system correctly from day one. Appropriate machines to choose from reliable suppliers is essential. 



IP Engineering has developed a cost-effective suite of project benchmarking services to aid companies in achieving projects according to its class. We have the ability to develop projects through all phases of construction and planning.  IP Engineering has a documented business structure that enables control of all materials, personnel and subcontractors. The company structure allows direct employment and supervision with the diversity to encompass all scopes of engineering work.



Increase production and improve safety complianceby operating optimized networks and systems at your facility. If you operate any type of utility or process system at your plant or refinery there could be significant energy savings and safety compliance issues uncovered.



Optimize and reduce your entire facility's energy consumption with a  Facility Energy, every single component of your facility that consumes energy will be analyzed and optimized leading to world class operational performance.



Eliminate surprises. IP Engineering works hard to ensure your facility's systems are optimized and operate as expected when needed. Nothing is more important than workers’ safety when it comes to refining, processing, and production



In the ever changing environment of system performance and expansion it’s hard to keep everything up-to-date with technology. Our consultant experienced on the day to day production process up to troubleshooting when maintenance schedules neglected. Program and schedules of each appropriate parts and machines will ensure maximise production output and quality.   


IP Engineering knows that engineers in the paper industry are very busy with operations and might not have the time to use our methods and technologies to keep their systems up to date after the completion of our service(s). This is why we also offer an array of engineering maintenance programs at a fraction of the cost of the actual service we perform, so you can have peace of mind knowing that the experts are consistently monitoring and analyzing your systems to ensure world-class performance, so schedule a meeting with us and let we think for you ..